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For the girls that want to be more independent or are just fed-up with having to ask hubby or the boyfriend to undertake the general day to day vehicle maintenance and then poke fun at us, we have the solution.

VTS has its own training centre and offer a ladies vehicle induction course. The course is fun and will cover all the general knowledge you will require for day to day driving and maintenance and who knows you may be able to tell hubby he is doing it wrong.

And hey girls; don’t forget even when you have taken the course and you have the knowledge Hannah will still get your vehicle checked for you when required, yes girls it’s a win win and hubby doesn't even need to know.

VTS customer services would like to make a genuine offer to all the ladies out there.

We understand it’s not always possible for ladies to undertake general vehicle maintenance, such as keeping tyres at the correct inflation, checking oil etc. We know that greasy hands or grovelling on garage forecourt floors to inflate a tyre is not part of your plan.

The answer is simple, register your car with VTS and join our new Ladies Club.
Joining our ladies club is free of charge, just give us a ring at Customer Services or email through our contact page and we will arrange for one of our experienced technicians to undertake the necessary checks for you while you relax in our customer lounge.

For the more confident why not take our ladies vehicle induction course