A complete petrol and diesel engine detox program which leaves your engines internal parts like new, and performing as they were designed to do when the engine was new. This operation is performed using a bespoke machine specifically designed to perform this function. Special fluid is pumped around the engine by the machine via special attachments to the oil filter and oil pan drain plug.

Outstanding Technical

• Using the dynamic engine decontaminator – the engine can be run during treatment, which greatly increases efficiency of the treatment
• Machine maintains engine oil pressure throughout the process
• Pre heated blend of cleaning chemicals, which are carried by a mineral based oil
• Works from its own powerful pump, to replicate engine ambient oil pressure
• Uses pressurisation and suction simultaneously for complete removal of old oil and contaminants
• System takes the flushing oil & chemical through 2 x 3 micron filters – a normal engine filter is about 25 microns
• Customers report a difference in the way vehicle drives post process

Phenomenal Potential Results
• Improves fuel consumption by up to 25%
• Increases power output and torque from engine
• Lowers CO emissions by up to 70%
• Lowers smoke emissions by up to 60%
• Improves engine performance and vehicle driveability
• Smoother, quieter engine operation
• Oil remains visibly cleaner after treatment for longer
• Vehicle will be more responsive
• Helps prevent premature engine wear
• Removes sludge, debris, harmful chemical deposits and varnish from any wet sump engine – petrol or diesel, car, motorcycle, marine engine or commercial vehicle (excluding rotary or horizontally opposed engines)
• Perfect for use pre emission testing

Highly Recommended
• To complete the service, it is recommended that a Nano Engine Protect & Seal additive is used. This will coat the entire engine internals with a Nano anti friction barrier, which enhances smoother running, reduces wear and can improve compressions. Will lubricate whole engine, including valve gear, camshafts, bearings, cranks and pistons.
• VTS also offers specialist treatments for DPF blockage, fuel line cleaners, EGR system cleaners and other chemicals that prevent these systems from premature blockage. Please note that none of these chemicals or dynamic treatment machines are available in the open market.
• Contact VTS for a more information on these exclusive treatments and products.

VTS Engine Flushing can give your engine:-

Up to 70% reduction in emissions

Up to 20% more fuel economy

Prelongs engine life

Oil stays cleaner for longer

Reduced friction

VTS Chemical additives and cleaning systems will:-

Reduc high soot loads in your DPF if applicable to your diesel vehicle

Clean out your petrol or diesel fuel system

Clean out induction system including EGR valve

Reduce cold start up wear in engine using nano technology