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Four Wheel Alignment


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Why do i need Four Wheel Alignment done?

• If your tyres are wearing abnormally, alignment should be checked to find out why. Chances are something is amiss and needs to be readjusted or replaced. It only takes a 1/8 inch of toe misalignment to drag the front tyres sideways the equivalent of 28 feet for every mile travelled!
• If you're buying a new set of tyres and want to maximize tread life, it's a good idea to have the alignment checked as insurance. Even if the factory alignment is within the acceptable range specified by the vehicle manufacturer, there's often room for improvement. Resetting alignment to the "preferred specs" (which means the midrange or optimum specs) will usually extend tyre life -- sometimes significantly. Considering the high cost of many performance tires today, assuring maximum tyre life with an alignment is money well spent.
• If you're experiencing any kind of steering or handling problem, an alignment check may be necessary for diagnostic purposes. An important aspect of aligning the wheels is performing a preliminary alignment inspection of the suspension and steering linkage. This is necessary to determine if there are any worn, damaged or miss located parts. It's impossible to realign worn or damaged parts so any such parts must be replaced before the wheels can be realigned.
• Wheel alignment is also required when certain suspension and steering components are replaced. On most cars with Macpherson struts, the front wheels should be realigned if the struts are replaced (NOTE: This is not necessary on certain import vehicles that have replaceable strut cartridges). Alignment is also required if the tie rods, tie rod ends, idler arm, steering links, control arms or control arm bushings, steering knuckle or steering rack have been replaced.
• Another benefit of having the wheels aligned is to assure optimum handling and traction for driving safety. Camber, in particular, is a very important angle with respect to keeping the tyre's treads in full contact with the road. Tyres that lean in or out, ride on the shoulder, and reduce traction, cornering ability and tread life. Camber can even affect braking. Uneven camber or caster side to side can make a vehicle lead to the left or the right.

Why does my air conditioning need recharging?

It becomes necessary for car air conditioning recharge over time, as the system can lose up to 15% of its coolant each year. Thinking of it in those terms, one can see how even a relatively young vehicle could lose almost all of its coolant within a period of only a few years.

This loss could have very negative repercussions if left unaddressed – not least on the performance of the system – and could lead to damage of the component parts concerned.

Therefore, a regular top-up to the coolant system is entirely necessary as this will not only reduce general wear and tear on system parts but also assist in avoiding potentially much larger repair bills.


Air-conditioning Service

• Clean condenser of dirt, leaves, flies etc.
• Check / adjust compressor drive belt
• Check compressor security
• Check all pipe work for condition, chafing, leaks and security
• Check operating pressures and temperatures
• Check / adjust refrigerant charge amount
• Check operation of all air conditioning and heater controls
• Check / clean evaporator water drain tube

NB: Please note just having your Air-Con re gassed can be a costly mistake. It is vital that the system is checked correctly first for leaks etc, or you may find you are back to square one.

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